What is the Difference Between Ceramic Tile and Porcelain Tile?

I always get a lots of questions from my clients, what material or options would be great for bathroom floor or wall, main floor, kitchen area and so forth. Can porcelain tiles goes on the wall? what about ceramic tiles? I would like to share some of the tips today and we will found out what types of tiles exactly you would need for more durable!


Porcelain Tile VS Ceramic Tile

Ceramic vs porcelain

Ceramic is only applicable on the wall, I will not suggest to use on the floor, because it is a lot of lightly and less durability than Porcelain. It is easy to crack, and considering less than 10 years of the lifespan. However, it is very affordable if apply for the wall. To compared with Porcelain tiles, Porcelain tiles have more than 10 – 20 years lifespan. It is stronger and durability to apply for the Floor. There are many types of Porcelain tiles, people might get confused how to use it. (Such as Double Loading Tile, Fullbody tile, Glazed Porcelain tile, 2 cm thickness Porcelain Tiles) (I will explain more details of the different types of the porcelain).

In general, Porcelain Tiles can install exterior and interior. Ceramic is only for interior. Porcelain Tiles can really install exterior? The Answer is YES!!

The pictures above are one of my client who install porcelain tiles for exterior. This type of the porcelain tiles give travertine look (like a real stone). It is durable and give you a nice exterior design.

If you are planning to get some tiles for your new house or renovation, Get some tiles at Tile Club (Richmond, BC). Tile Club is one of the good place to visit. (near Bridgeport rd)  It has different various options you will find what you need.

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For more detail information about Tiles, I will share more information in the future.


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